Confident birth 

-birth preparation class

Your body can already give birth - all you need to do is to protect it from things that can block this ability , such as fear or stress. Confident birth gives you and your partner simple and dynamic tools to make your birth a good experience.

The course includes:

  • Theory, the physiological basic principles which Confident birth is  based on


  • The birth partners role, your partner can support to help you develop your body's ability to give birth.


  • Review of the four tools , breathing , relaxation, the voice and the power of the mind


The course combines theory and practical exercises so that you can get a mental understanding of the theory of giving birth but you will also get a bodily experience of the tools and the function of your birth partner.


Confident birth works for everyone. It does not matter if this is the first time you will give birth or if you have done it before, if you choose to have anaesthesia or give birth without pain relief, if you are very afraid or just want to be well prepared - Confident birth is for all.


The course is 3,5 hours long



Group sessions

Couples 1395 SEK

Refreshments and course materials is included in the price.


Private sessions

Couples 2900 SEK



Confident Birth in English


Our next course in Confident Birth is


27th February

13.00- 16.30  on Zoom

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Confident birth will give you:

  • Concrete tools to use you during childbirth

  • A theoretical explanation what happens in the body during labor.

  • Physical experiences of the body's ways to respond

  • A well-prepared birth partner

  • The ability to find what works for you

  • A feeling of calmness and sense of security

  • An opportunity for positive control that makes it easier to follow the body through the birth

"We both think it was great with a birth preparation class in English. It made the hole difference for us that S was a very good support for me in the most challenging parts. Everything I have learned disappeared when the pain was really strong. At that moment S took command and steered me through the contractions. So thank you for a very good course:"

- Parent about their experience of  the Confident birth course

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