To hire a doula makes a big diffrence for you in labour.


Our doula support

We support parents in the way that want to and don’t put our own values in to our profession. Our main goal is to give the people that we work with a positive experience were they feel totally secure and safe threw out the process.


We offers one first meeting for free (30 minutes) were you can see if the person is right for you. We meet two times before labour and one time after. We also offers a birth preparing class. We be on call three weeks around the due date. We will give full support threw out the hole labour. If the person that are your doula will have days when she can’t be there there is a backup system with another doula that gives you support. She will also be there if  anything un-anticipated will come up (like sickness for example). If the labour starts outside the on-call weeks we arrange support anyway.


If the doula has been to three or more births the price is 11900 kr if she is “more new” the price is 8500 kr.

You find our doulas here (unfortiunly they ony present them self in Swedish but all can English perfecty well)

A doula will not only support you threw out the labour, she will also support your partner if you have any. A doula work with you out of your needs. Her knowledge around giving birth combined with her precense and ability to give a safe support is what makes the diffrence. 

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Hos oss får du råd och stöd under hela din graviditet och under din förlossning.  

Du kan prata med oss om förlossningsrädsla/oro, smärtlindring, stress och förlossningsförberedelse

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