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Prenatal massage

We know that massage during pregnancy is very valuable as touch lowers stress levels and increases oxytocin release and helps you get in touch with your body and your baby. 

Avslappnade helkroppsmassage

Full body massage for pregnant women

Welcome to a relaxing full body massage where calm, slow and soft touch helps to release the magical peace and quiet hormone OXYTOCIN.

The massage lasts 60 minutes and involves your whole body. You can lie on both your back in a semi-lying position and on your stomach with the help of a specially adapted pregnancy pillow for massage. You get massage on feet, legs, buttocks, back, shoulders, arms and chest.
The pregnancy massage consists of slow, soft and very gentle strokes that in an optimal way make you relax and get in touch with your body. We use a fragrance-free massage oil completely free of chemicals.
You are welcome from week 12 and all the way until the birth.


Do you have a wellness allowance from your employer? Ask for a receipt!

Massage is given in Röstånga 

Cost: SEK 750 

Vill du maxa upplevelsen och få den att vara mer än denna timme bokar du en massagekurs för par där du och din partner kommer tillsammans och ni lär er hur ni kan massera varandra. 

There are several good reasons to get a massage during pregnancy

Increased contact with the baby in the womb- Getting a massage is a good opportunity to relax and make time and space to deepen the contact between you and your baby.

Childbirth Preparation- Massage can be one of many ways to prepare for childbirth. It has been shown that regular massage in the last month until delivery affects the pain experience because the high content of Oxytocin means that we tolerate pain better.

Reduced stress levels- Pregnancy is often a time in life with increased stress. A new life must begin and it can mean great stress both mentally and physically.

Reduced swelling in hands and feet- A gentle and gentle massage can help increase circulation and thus reduce the accumulation of fluid in hands and feet.

Body awareness- Pregnancy is a period when a lot happens in the body. Take the opportunity to get to know your body and its signals. It can give you a better experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

Increased well-being- There is a lot going on in the pregnant body. Massage with a masseur with extra knowledge of the pregnant body increases the woman's understanding of, and belief in, her own body and thus increases the possibility of a positive birth experience.

Better sleep- You get a deeper and calmer sleep when you have received a calm and pleasant massage.

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