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Doula och partnern

"...It was not as if we haden´t made the decisions around giving birth. And that was also so amazing because when you came to our house the first time. It was so nice. There was a couple of things that where so great. First of all it is really relaxing to be around you. Like the way that you are carring your self as a person is just perfect. That was just perfect. After you had gone we felt so close together. We felt like a unite. Like a really function "soon to get birth"- unite.

Doula och partnern

Then later we where sitting in that café and talking, thinking that well we thougt of having a doula and now we just met one. We might just call her. Because if it felt so good having you there just for a day before the birth. Imagine how could it had felt having you for the hole birth...

If you haden´t been there I would have been able to hold on to a certain point and then I would just have freaked out. We had been to the hospital way to early more than ones. Being her at home and really being able to rest. Just having that voice that you really trust telling you that you can have a rest. If it would have been only me there wouldn´t have been any time to rest at all. Sometimes just looking over at you seeing that you where there. It was so nice and comforting. Sometimes I was doing something with Raffy feeling that it didn´t had such a good impact. And you did something and I could see emediatly that it had an impact on Raffy. Then you where doing and I where doing. It just felt so safe and so well looked after. Even in the situations where it looked like she was in so much pain I knew it was okey. That you wouldn´t let anything bad happened. That you were in control.

I felt completely confident with you there holding the space. From the first time when I met you I trusted you. You would never let anything bad happened…. With you in the room, with your expertise and love. Yes there where a lot of love in the room. You where so important because you were there in the beginning. And the way you guided the process meant that our family started in the most amazing way." - Rob

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