Abortion doula

An abortion doula is for you who are faced with the decision to have an abortion. Having an abortion is for many a big and difficult decision. In this, it can be nice to get support. As an abortion doula, we can help you in your thoughts before the decision but also during the abortion itself.

Support in connection with abortion

We will talk before the abortion either because you want support in the decision or to talk  about how you came to the decision and what it is that makes you want support during the  abortion. 

On the day the abortion is to take place, we meet at the hospital and then stay with you  throughout the process. We can support by providing pain-relieving and soothing massage  or acupressure. We are there through the feelings that may arise at the moment, we  support you in the contact with healthcare and help you with everything practical. 

Afterwards, we continue to have contact to follow up on how it feels or if any complications  arise. 

We also support the termination of pregnancies due to fetal death. 


Cost is dependent on the arrangement that we agree on.


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