Give birth without fear prophylaxis course


Next course opportunity

6 augusti 

13.30 -16.30 i Halmstad

1 september 

17.30 - 20.30 i Helsingborg

16 september

17.30 -20.30 i Lund


Use fitness allowance - prophylaxis courses are deductible!


Private course physical meeting

SEK 2900 /couple (one couple)

SEK 2400 /couple (two couples or more)

Private Course Online

SEK 2,400 /couple (one couple)

SEK 1900 /couple 

(two couples or more)

What is the course about?

Prophylaxis means preparation. Give birth without fear prophylaxis course is based on modern physiology and knowledge of how the body functions in case of fear and stress - respectively safety and calm. The method is about learning how emotions affect the body during birth, why this is so important - and above all; what you can do to influence the experience . The course gives you as a partner or support person concrete tips on how you can make a difference for the birthing person.

Give birth without fear mixes theory, practice and various exercises that help you understand how you use the prophylaxis tools during childbirth and how your roles differ, so that you become a strong and unbeatable team.

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You get this from the course

  • Understanding of how you can together handle the pains and all phases of childbirth so that you have a strengthening and positive birth experience

  • A well-prepared partner / support person  

  • Concrete tools to use during childbirth

  • A theoretical explanatory model of what happens in the body during childbirth during stress / fear and calm / security

  • Opportunity to find what works for you

  • Calm and a safety before the birth

  • An opportunity for positive control that makes it easier to follow the body through birth

"We got so much out of the course! Feeling well prepared and in sync before the birth. Before the birth felt like something very abstract, now we think about it in a completely different way and feel confident that no matter how it turns out, we are a strong team and know how to get through it. My partner thought it was especially rewarding to get concrete tips and advice on how he can support me, and to practice together. "

- First-time parents in the spring of 2021