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Birth without fear
prophylaxis course

Prophylaxis means preparation. Birth without fear prophylaxis course gives you tools to face and manage the different parts of childbirth together. The course gives you as a partner or support person concrete tips on how you can make a difference for the birthing person. Read what others have said about the course at Google Review.

What is Birth without fear?

Birth without fear is about learning how emotions affect the body during birth, why this is so important - and above all - what you can do to influence the experience. The course mixes theory, practice and various exercises that help you to understand how to use the prophylaxis tools during labor and how your roles differ, so that you become a strong and unbeatable team.

  • Understanding of how you can together handle the pains and all phases of childbirth so that you have a strengthening and positive birth experience

  • A well-prepared partner / support person  

  • Concrete tools to use during childbirth

  • A theoretical explanatory model of what happens in the body during childbirth during stress / fear and calm / security

  • Opportunity to find what works for you

  • Calm and a safety before the birth

  • An opportunity for positive control that makes it easier to follow the body through birth

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Live Online





Prophylaxis course in Skåne and Halland

Click on the premises for each location in this text to see where the courses are held. See you in Helsingborg at Home Yoga, in Lund at Hälsans hus and in Halmstad at Frihet i rörelse

You book your place by clicking on "book" below or emailing When the booking has been received, you will receive a confirmation email and course material sent to you.


The course costs SEK 1,650/couple and is eligible for health care. Invoice comes via separate email from Fortnox. 


Private prophylaxis course Birth without fear

When you book a private course in Birth without fear, you can choose between a course in your own home, online or in our premises at Långskeppsgatan 1 in Ängelholm. You book your place by clicking on "book" below or emailing When the booking has been received, you will receive a confirmation email and course material sent to you.


Private course in your home: SEK 3,200

Private course online: SEK 2,600

Private course Ängelholm: SEK 2,800

*Please note that the prices apply to Skåne/southern Halland, weekdays during office hours. If you wish to book a course in the evening or at the weekend, or outside the specified area, you are welcome to contact us for a cost estimate.


If you are more than a couple who book together, you receive a 20% discount on private courses.


Invoice comes via separate email from Fortnox. 


We got so much out of the course! We feel well prepared and in tune with the birth. Before childbirth felt like something very abstract, now we think about it in a completely different way and feel secure in the fact that no matter how it turns out, we are a strong team and know how to get through it. My partner thought it was especially rewarding to get concrete tips and advice on how he can support me, and to practice together."

-First-time parents in spring 2021

I took a Birth Without Fear course which was super educational and interesting. You really got caught up in the birth. Includes both theory about the different stages of childbirth, pain relief techniques and exercises you can do both by yourself and with your partner :)

My partner and I just took Aniara's course, and we are so very satisfied. We chose to have the course at home, which I recommend as you are in your natural environment and also the environment you will be in during parts of the labour.

We loved that Aniara was so relaxed and made it easy. We were worried before that it would feel crawly with different exercises but it was super good. My partner, who has two children since before, also felt that everything he learned was new, so it was great. We felt taken care of and are both more ready for the birth!!

A very rewarding course by Aniara!
Pedagogical, clear and answers all one's questions without stressing the course.
Before the course, my partner and I had anxious feelings before the birth, but after Aniara's course we feel prepared and how to respond to the feelings in the best way during the birth thanks to Aniara.
Worth every penny the course costs, highly recommend!!!
Thank you Aniara!!

/ Expectant mother, first-time mother

Do you want even more practical training before the birth?


Have you already attended Birth without fear and want extended preparation? Are you attracted by even more "hands-on" practical tools and strategies?

Practical prophylaxis is a private course that can be seen as both an in-depth study and a supplement to BWF, where you gain broadened knowledge of how youyour individual thoughts, needs and conditions can prepare you optimally for the birth. The focus is on finding out what works for you, exploring how you can use your own home during the latency phase, guidance in formulating a birth letter, discussing birth positions, testing tools such as TENS machine and Rebozo shawl, practicing massage and other pain relief techniques mm. 

You can choose to take the courses separately or to take a combo course where you get to take part in the core of both courses with emphasis on your personal preferences. The combo course is three hours and costs SEK 3200 in your home or SEK 2800 in our premises in Röstånga. Read more about Practical prophylaxis course here.

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