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Malin Mejstad

My conviction is that:

If you as a mother and father feel safe and are enjoying yourselves throughout the process of pregnancy and birth, you greatly enhance the likelyhood of a positive birth experience and a good start with your new baby!

My path into parenthood was crooked and painfully full of longing. When I now sit here 10  years later as a doula and mother of four children, I feel as if everything has fallen into place and I understand that this is where I was heading all the time. Everything I have  been through has prepared me to be right here - right now. 

I have personal experience of the whole spectrum of childbirth – from medical induction to physiological and unditurbed birth free from medical interventions. I have given birth in a hospital, I  have given birth to twins and I have given birth at home.


My great curiosity for other people and the experiences they carry has given me many nice conversations about pregnancies and births, but also many heavy insights that there are many people who carry great grief and anxiety and generally difficult feelings about pregnancy and childbirth. This applies to both women and men, to those who were the ones giving birth, and those who stood by the side of the one giving birth. From this insight a desire to be part of a change started growing. It is my wish that birth should be a positive experience, something you look back on with pride and joy and something that strenghtened you and your relationship. 

In my work as a doula, my goal is that you as a mother, and you as a father or partner, feel seen and heard and RESPECTED. The most important thing for me is that your thoughts and feelings are allowed to emerge and that they are the ones who lay the foundation for the assignment, whether it is an individual consultation or an entire doula  package. I am happy to support you, but you are the ones who are the guides, the ones who know what you want and what kind of support you want and need along the way. 

Malin Mejstad doula

Photo: Denise Sant

My experience with Malin was outstanding. She provided me and my partner with knowledge, useful pain relief techniques, tips and tricks on how to act during labor, and what is most important - confidence! Malin is indeed an expert in her role of doula, but on top of that she has incredible, lively and open energy. She celebrates live! I was always looking forward to meeting her and it was always a great pleasure to see her. Thanks to our beautiful interaction I managed to give natural birth to my first baby. And my husband was extremely supportive and contributed quite a lot to the experience because he was coached by Malin. The whole process of labor and birth was very positive and we could not achieve that without Malin. Million thanks and tons of love ❤️

During childbirth, I work with several different methods and tools that create the physical  and mental conditions needed to give birth. Only my presence gives you a familiar face and a  sense of security, which in turn gives a huge head start for the body to relax and dare to  trust the process. My main focus is to strengthen you as a team. My presence helps you  maintain intimacy and come out of the birth strengthened - together. 

In addition to doula, I also work as a prenatal masseur. Besides giving prenatal massages I also give massage classes for couples, which is a great way to strengthen the relationship and get tools for  the impending birth. Touch and closeness are an important part of the preparation for  childbirth, as touch promotes the release of oxytocin, which is one of the cornerstones of  childbirth and the conditions for babies to be born.

I am also training to be a Give Birth Without Fears instructor and will offer courses from autumn of 2021. 

In addition to doula, I also work as a pre natal masseur. I give workshops in massage to couples, which is a great way to strengthen the relationship and get tools for the impending birth. Touch and closeness are an important part of the preparation for childbirth, as touch promotes the release of oxytocin which is one of the cornerstones of childbirth and the conditions for children to be born. 


I am also training to be a Give Birth Without Fear instructor and will offer training from the summer of 2022. 

Said about me:

With her exuberant personality, presence and openness, Malin creates an atmosphere where it is easy to thrive.

  • Doula

  • Prenatal massage


Welcome to contact me via email at or by calling 0735-45 35 51

The voices of previous customers: 

I met Malin for the first time when I was open about 4 cm! She was stand-in for Anna that night, but it did not feel at all like a stranger had entered our home. Malin immediately began to guide and guide. Read the situation and my mood so well and took its place in such an obvious way. With Malin there, I could let go of the thoughts of everything I "should do" and could instead only follow when she took my hand and led me through every pain. She helped me remember to breathe, to relax and reminded me that I can handle this. While she was there with her voice and breathing, she helped physically with massage and pressure points that eased the pain so much.


I am convinced that her presence made the birth a thousand times better and that she helped me not to give up! What a star and what knowledge and empathy she possesses !!

Second time mum, spring 2021

"Early in my partner's pregnancy, she talked about having a doula with me during the birth. At first I was a little skeptical, why would someone else do "my job" as a support person. I later realized that the doula wasn't doing my job, she was helping me to become a better support person.
What a strong and good team we became together. Malin, me and my partner.
I am so incredibly grateful for the fantastic and professional work that Malin has done for us.
Everyone should have a Malin in the delivery room!"
// Emil

-First-time father, summer 2022

As a birth partner, I was really supportive of the idea of a home birth during C-19 times, since I would not be able to be there with my wife if it was to be in a hospital. Din Gravidcoach made the whole experience so much more comfortable than I could ever imagined. The birth class (with Aniara) gave me the information I needed to be an effective and useful birth partner, and made me realize that I had a bigger part to play than I initially thought.


The home visiting sessions with Anna laid out clearly how doulas can assist the birth, and make the whole experience so much smoother than I thought possible. When Malin arrived in the middle of the night, she immediately exuded calm and focus. She was able to offer pain relief through pressure points and massage, and knew exactly what to do and when, working harmoniously with our midwife. She guided me in supporting my wife both physically and mentally, and offered enough space but also enough hands on care that was needed. I can not recommend them enough - and we are still friends to this day :)  

Dad, spring 2021

In one night, to meet, immediately take their role,  feel intuitively what is needed and to take turns carrying and giving love to her ... that we find ways, ideas and solutions and cooperation so naturally and spontaneously.


You are a natural talent Malin! Responsive, intuitive and easily captured the needs even though you met for the first time. As a colleague, it was easy and felt safe and we kept to our skills, easily and simply.  

Midwife at home birth

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