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Perfect mama TENS

What is TENS?


TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and is a non-medicinal, side-effect-free pain relief alternative that can be used alone or in combination with other pain relief.


The electrical impulses that are activated work to relieve pain partly bythe body releases endorphins (also called the bodys own morphine) and partly by the transfer of pain signals to the brain are blocked.


TENS is great to have both at home, in the hospital - and during transfers, e.g. in the car. It is a great advantage to test the device before it is time to give birth, so that both you as a pregnant woman and you as a partner or support person know how it works. Our experience is that you get optimal effect if you start using the TENS machine before you enter active labour. Read more about TENS in our blog post.

Renting a TENS machine


Rent your TENS device Perfect MamaTENS by us - simple, smooth. You get a package sent to your home or nearest representative, and return the same package after birth. 

About PerfectMama TENS:

  • Safe to use

  • Three programs

  • BOOST button

  • Intensity control in 60 steps

  • Clear screen with backlight

  • Recommended by midwives

A rental package includes:


  • A TENS device

  • A set of four new adhesive electrodes 

  • A necklace

  • Instructions


Price: SEK 499 (from week 37+0 to 42+0) We offer free shipping to you. Postage is added for returns.


Rent your TENS by clicking the button on the right.

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Hyra förlossningspool

Birthpool in a Box 

We collaborate with Sweden's resellers of
Birth pool in a Box:  fö

Click on the link above to buy or rent a birthpool.


For whom is the pool suitable?

For many who plan to give birth at home, a birth pool is a common and valuable investment. But a pool is also suitable for those planning for a hospital birth. During early stages ot labour it is a good idea to build a comfortable, safe and restful atmosphere. Concepts such as "oxytocin hut" or turning on the "oxytocin tap" means that you as a pregnant woman should be given the conditions you need to promote the feeling of security. The more security, the more oxytocin, the better the conditions for a favorable birth process.


A maternity pool can be a fantastic aid for those who do not have a bathtub, or simply want greater comfort and extended function in relation to what a bathtub can offer. If you plan to give birth in a hospital, the bath at home can contribute to a good start, and if you wish instead to take the pool to the hospital, this can be done at certain units after approval by the head midwife / department head. Contact your intended hospital to ask them what possibility you have to bring a birth pool. 

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