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Aniara Jönsson-Lagergren

  • Doula

  • Behavioral scientist

  • Birth without Fear Instructor


My name is Aniara, I am 35 years old and live in the country outside Ängelholm with my partner, our two children, dog and cats. I am a trained behavioral scientist and have my background in social work that has enriched me with many years of experience in supporting young people and adults with varied psychosocial challenges.

I trained as a doula in the spring of 2019, but my commitment to childbirth and its surrounding processes has grown in me throughout my upbringing. As the daughter of a strong and dedicated midwife, it has always been there, and when I became a mother myself, the interest really took root. The fascination with the enormous power that lies in all this; to carry, feed and connect to new life, has over time grown stronger - and in parallel with this also the frustration over how disadvantaged these areas are in our society. To me, working as a doula is thus a deeply feminist act. As a doula, I can help strengthen the conditions for, and support women's right, to give birth in safety; based on her conditions, needs and desires.

Aniara Lagergren doula

Photo: Denise Sant Photpgrafy

I have a strong belief in the woman's inherent ability to give birth and know that the right support can be the single most important factor for a good, safe and strengthening birth experience. I am further convinced that you as a partner must be given the right conditions to feel both involved and safe, cared for and needed - and that the support from a doula can strengthen the possibilities for all this. My goal is to contribute to the above in your birth journey by offering continuity, presence and individually tailored support for you as a prospective parent.

I am a trained prophylaxis instructor in Birth without Fear and hold courses for expectant parents in groups and privately, both in physical form and online. I have also been trained in Spinning Babies (2-day Spinning Babies Workshop with Rachel Shapiro) and can guide expectant parents in some of the many techniques that can promote childbirth both before and during childbirth through pain relief, relaxation and positions that create optimal space for babies. For more information, visit

Aniara Lagergren doula

Photo: Denise Sant Photography

"Aniara was an incredible support for us during the birth. Among other things, she helped me deal with the pain and supported my husband in how he could help me in the best way. We had several meetings before the birth with, among other things, FUR courses and other birth preparation talks. was incredibly helpful, especially as a first-time mother. Conversations after the birth were also important to be able to process the birth. Can highly recommend having Aniara as a doula! "  


- First-time parents in the spring of 2021

Feed back from parents

Having Aniara with us when having our second baby was the best decision we could make. The preparation for the birth (mindset, techniques, partner involvement) gave me the confidence I needed to truly enjoy my daughters birth. With Aniaras guidance I was able to listen to my body and take ownership of the process. I had the confirmation that she did an excellent job when I got compliments for her work from the midwives in the hospital. Looking back and comparing my two pregnancies I realized how having a good experience affected my body and mental health after the delivery.
I strongly recommend Aniaras support and guidance 💜

- Rebirth winter 2021

“At first I was unsure if I wanted to bring a doula to my birth, but after the first meeting with  Aniara, it felt so luxurious to have her with me. She radiated a calm that I wanted to bring  into the delivery room " 

-Mother of two children May 2020

"During the process, Aniara has been available, committed and flexible. She has also shown  sensitivity to us as individuals and been able to adapt accordingly. I can really recommend  both the layout and Aniara as a person to others who are considering having the help of a  doula"

- First-time father February 2020

"... When you came in during the opening phase, when I felt floored by pain and fatigue,  everything felt very obvious. I think we [me and my partner] both felt as if you were a nice  big sister that we could relax with and dared to listen blindly to – as we had never done this  before." 

- First-time parents January 2020

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