Anna Tallwe

Your Pregnancy Coach was started by Anna Tallwe in 2013. Read more about how it all  started here. 

I started my career as an assistant nurse, primarily with experience from psychiatry but also  some somatics. As a trained behavioural scientist, I have also worked with children, young  people and parents in various public and private activities, both preventive and therapeutic.  With a background with various organizational development projects and as a leader and  manager, came the idea of the opportunity to develop something new for expectant  parents. 

The driving force for the construction of Din Gravidcoach was and is to provide a greater opportunity for a good start for the new family. What I discovered and which the evidence so clearly showed was that the emotional process through birth not only gave positive experiences but also reduced the risk of physical complications. This perspective had been minimized in maternity care, here I saw a need to fill.

Since I started working with pregnancies and births in 2010, I have been trained by many internationally and nationally prominent people in the field. Such as Inamay Gaskin, Sarah J Buckley, Anna Verwaal, Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg, Gudrun Abascal, Susanna Heli and others.


Field educations:

- Doula trained

- Awesome birth teacher

- Give birth without fear instructor (Föda utan rädsla)

- Pregnancy masseur

- Spinning babies

- Pregnancy and mother / baby yoga teacher


I have trained thousands of parents as a give birth without fear instructor, have been a doula to over a hundred parents, trained doulas in Stockholm and Skåne, trained midwives at Lund University, have met many birth survivors in conversations and have a solid collaboration with several midwife clinics around Sweden.


I am also an author and have published the book, Förlossning bli en delaktig partner. A birth preparation book for the partner / support person. Gudrun Abascal has written a preface to this as she sees it as a good complement to her book Att föda.

Anna Tallwe

Sedan jag började att arbeta med graviditeter och förlossningar 2010 har jag utbildats av många internationellt och nationellt framstående personer inom fältet. Så som Inamay Gaskin, Sarah J Buckley, Anna Verwaal, Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg, Gudrun Abascal, Susanna Heli mfl.  


Utbildningar inom fältet:

- Doulautbildad

- Awesome birth teacher

- Föda utan rädsla instruktör

- Gravidmassör

- Spinning babies

- Gravid- och mamma/baby yoga lärare

Jag har utbildat tusentals föräldrar som Föda utan rädsla-instruktör, har varit doula till över hundra föräldrar, utbildar doulor i Stockholm och Skåne, utbildar barnmorskor vid Lund universitet, har mött många förlossningsrädda i samtal och har ett gediget samarbete med flera barnmorskemottagningar runt om. 

Jag är också författare och har också gett ut boken, Förlossning, bli en delaktig partner. En förlossningsförberedande bok för partnern/stödpersonen. Gudrun Abascal har skrivit förord till denna då hon ser den som ett bra komplement till hennes bok Att föda.