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We love creating collaborations that benefit our customers. There is so much positive in joining together to create added value for everyone. With the idea that alone is not strong, we are constantly developing this part of Din Gravidcoach.

Admira Kvinnohälsa is a midwifery clinic in the middle of central Lund at Stortorget. We want to give you and your partner a personal, trusting treatment, high availability, continuity and medical competence, which we know are important parts to promote a safe pregnancy and childbirth. With us, you can also book an appointment for contraceptives, pap smears, tests for various venereal diseases and menopause counseling. For info and online appointment, read more at their website.

Offer: Give birthwithout fear online (Swedish)  is offered free to all our parents-to-be! The courses are held via Zoom.

Admira Kvinnohälsa

A maternity care centre that has clinics in Trelleborg, Vellinge and Malmö. 

"As a midwife, it can feel like you have heard most things before, but Give birth without Fear really  feels like something new and something that immediately attracted everyone who works  with us." Midwife group Öresund, Petra Vigh, midwife. 


Offer: "Starting in 2020, the Midwifery Group Öresund offers the GBWF course (in Swedish) free of charge to our expectant parents!" The courses are held via Zoom. More information can be found on their website. 

Barnmorskegruppen Öresund

Sankt Hans is the small midwifery reception in northern Lund, Fäladstorget 22. With us you get a personal and professional reception and we offer high availability and the security that it means to have the same midwife throughout the pregnancy. As we belong to Hälsocentralen Sankt Hans, which is a Health Centre, we always have access to a doctor. We have an agreement with Region Skåne. This means that all visits for those who are pregnant, need contraception or want to be tested for venereal diseases are free.

Offer: 20% discount on services, e.g. Give birth without fear prophylaxis course, practical prophylaxis and massage course for couples. (Do not apply to doula assignments)

Hälsaocentralen Sankt Hans


Vissa saker är guld värda att ha med sig till förlossningen; förmågan att kunna slappna av, andas lugn medveten andning, vara stark - inte bara i kroppen utan även mentalt. Allt detta, och lite till, kommer du att få träna på den under den här kursen. En kurs för dig och bebisen i magen. 


Gravidyogan är lämplig att göra efter v. 14 i din graviditet fram tills det är dags för förlossning. I över 10 år har jag arbetat med yoga för gravida. Det är så många kvinnor som blivit hjälpta av yogan, både under graviditeten och förlossningen och jag hoppas att det ska bli så även för dig.

Erbjudande: 20% rabatt på Föda utan rädsla gruppkurser


Irma Midwifery Clinic

Expecting and giving birth is a big and special event in life. For us, it is important that you and your partner feel safe. We will be there as support throughout the pregnancy and you will receive safe and personal treatment. We also offer pap smears, contraceptives and menopause advice.

Offer: 20% discount on Give birth without fear prophylaxis course.

Irma Barnmorskemottagning

The midwifery center Tant Stork is part of the family center Familjens hus in Munka Ljungby. We are there for those of you who are expecting a child, but also for those of you who do not want to get pregnant and need contraception. Although it is a small reception, you can expect all the knowledge and service that is found in a larger unit. In addition, with a personal treatment.


Offer: 20% discount on Give birth without fear prophylaxis course.

Tant Stork
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