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It is impossible to summarize how much our doula meant to us and to our birth experience. We wish everyone who is expecting a child the same wonderful experience both before and during birth. I recommend everyone to hire a doula! You wont regret it. My partner and I are so happy that we chose to have a doula and we will never give birth without that support. It gave us both our dream birth <3

- Ida

As a partner, I was initially skeptical as to why we should have a doula. I thought we can handle this on our own. I didnt see the value in having a doula at first but in hindsight I am very glad we chose to hire her. As a partner, I received support, advice and relief during childbirth, which made me more involved and present.

- Fredrik

We are so grateful that we made the decision to have a doula at the birth. I was strengthened in giving birth on my terms and daring to stick to it and daring to visualize my dream birth. As the birthing person, I appreciated the safety that my partner had support and a team player at all times. For me, it was enormously nice to have another pair of hands that could comfort, support and relieve pain in different ways.


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The advantage of doula-duo is that there was a double competence and experience bank. There were many nice conversations with both Malin and Aniara! For us, it also felt safe to know that in the event of a long process that the doulas could be replaced and thus be able to be a good support all the way. In short, it was worth having a person with you who never left the room. For us, it wasn´t even a question of whether we should have a doula with us at the next birth.

- Frida

We are incredibly satisfied with the practical prophylaxis course and can warmly recommend Aniara. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and responsive, and we received many valuable tips for the upcoming birth.



The security of having a doula at the birth is worth its weight in gold! This is what healthcare system neither has time for nor has the resources for. That the partner also gets to feel 100% involved in the birth, prepared and has the understanding of how important he is makes a big difference, of course there will be a stronger team feeling for what lies ahead...

- Elin

Early in my partners pregnancy, she talked about having a doula with her during the birth. At first I was a little skeptical, why would someone else do my job as a support person. I later realized that the doula wasn´t doing my job, she was helping me become a better support person.
What a strong and good team we became together. Malin, me and my partner. I am so incredibly grateful for the fantastic and professional work that Malin has done for us. Everyone should have a Malin in the delivery room!

- Emil

The only thing we regret is that we didn´t have Aniara with us at big sisters birth! In addition to being competent and professional, she is incredibly warm and responsive, in every way the safe harbor we needed at the birth of our little brother. She knew exactly when I needed to be picked up, or challenged and when my husband needed support or respite, she was the glue of our little team! A fantastic doula who has our highest recommendations!

- Jackie

My experience with Malin was outstanding. She provided me and my partner with knowledge, useful pain relief techniques, tips and tricks on how to act during labor, and what is most important - confidence! Malin is indeed an expert in her role of doula, but on top of that she has incredible, lively and open energy. She celebrates live!

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I was always looking forward to meeting her and it was always a great pleasure to see her. Thanks to our beautiful interaction I managed to give natural birth to my first baby. And my husband was extremely supportive and contributed quite a lot to the experience because he was coached by Malin. The whole process of labor and birth was very positive and we could not reach that without Malin. Million thanks and tons of love ❤️

Having Aniara with us when having our second baby was the best decision we could make. The preparation for the birth (mindset, techniques, partner involvement) gave me the confidence I needed to truly enjoy my daughter’s birth. With Aniara’s guidance I was able to listen to my body and take ownership of the process. I had the confirmation that she made an excellent job when I got compliments for her work from the midwifes in the hospital. Looking back and comparing my two pregnancies I realized how having a good experience affected my body and mental health after the delivery.



Incredibly educational Birth without fear course! Strongly recommend it to everyone, regardless of whether you are a first-time mother or have given birth before but did not experience a good birth. Anna, lecturer, is a fantastic and warm coach who really understands and explains in a way that goes straight to the heart. Both the husband and I thought she was fantastic and we feel so excited and ready for the birth. We´ve got all the tools we feel. Many thanks Anna!

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