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Childbirth preparation and doula support in Skåne

Din Gravidcoach consists of Anna, Malin and Aniara. 

We work mainly in Skåne and offer our services in in neighboring regions and online. 

We strengthen the conditions for expectant parents to have a calm and safe pregnancy and childbirth that is free from fear, stress and anxiety. 

Anna Tallwe Din Gravidcoach

Our team

Photo: Denise Melin Sant

Malin Mejstad doula
Aniara Lagergren doula

About Din Gravidcoach

Childbirth support and childbirth preparation can mean so many different things. For some, it means downloading a pain timer app, for another to buy a stroller and for a third to go to pregnancy yoga. For us at Din Gravidcoach, this means creating and strengthening the conditions for you to feel calm and secure before, during and after the birth. We want you as a prospective parent feel seen, confirmed and heard. For us, you are unique and we also want to give you the opportunity to have a unique experience of this time in your life, regardless of who you are, what is important to you and how you want to give birth.


We strive for every customer to feel that we are present throughout the pregnancy an that we create support with great warmth and security. Our biggest value word is flexibility as each pregnancy is unique and the support needs to be shaped as needed.


We at Din Gravidcoach can offer the support that may be needed when healthcare is not enough. Today, there is a lack of resources, which means that sometimes it might be necessary to really experience a safe, calm and trusting pregnancy, childbirth and start the new life.

"The safety of having a Doula at the birth is worth its weight in gold! That is what the health care systeme neither has time for nor has the resources for.

That the partner also gets to feel 100% involved in the birth, prepared and has the understanding of how important they are makes a big difference, there will of course be a stronger team spirit before what awaits… Thank you for your support both before and during our birth. Invaluable!!"

- First time mother 2021

"We had such a wonderful experience with Din Gravidcoach.

For people who don't know what doulas do or can do, please speak to these people and find out! Everything practical advice to emotional support to beautiful little details like remembering what music my partner likes as we drove to the hospital... Thanks guys!"

- First-time dad about his experience of having a doula on the team

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