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Massage course for couples

We know that massage during pregnancy is very valuable as touch lowers stress levels and increases oxytocin release and helps you get in touch with your body and your baby. 

Massage for expecting parents

During these two hours I share my knowledge about massage and the effect of oxytocin on the pregnant body and its potential to facilitate childbirth. The focus during the class is on the pregnant woman, but we start with both of you putting your feet down in a warm foot bath with homemade foot salt. I start by massaging the partner's one foot and lower leg so that they get an experience of how nice it is to be massaged. They then also get a sense of how hard and at what pace the massage should be given. Then the partner gets to massage the pregnant woman's feet and lower legs while I guide all grips and strokes. After that we have a short brake with something small to drink and eat. Then it's time for a seated back massage. I start by massaging the partners back and after that the partner gets to massage the woman with guidance from me.

The class includes a small bottle of massage oil, a little foot salt, booklet with instructions and a small "fika". 

Massagekurs för par

Kostnad Massagekurs 

Massagekurs för par kostar 2500 kronor och är friuskvårdsberättingande.

*Observera att priserna gäller Skåne/södra Halland, vardagar under kontorstid. Önskar ni boka en kurs kvällstid eller helg, eller utanför angivet område, är ni välkomna att kontakta oss för kostnadsförslag. 

Customers' voices on Massage course for couples

Pregnancy massage course for couples with Malin 5/5 stars! We both loved this! Very relaxing. More in the direction of tactile massage and not a deep kneading massage. Foot bath, safe and calm environment, easy to be yourself and relax with Malin. Nice that she showed everything on the partner before he got to practice doing everything on me. We have used everything we learned at home now too. Feels like a cozy oxytocin and relaxation bomb.

-First-time parent, autumn 2021

Massage course for couples with Malin is just an awesome experience! The atmosphere was perfect and she is an amazing teacher.

-First-time parent in autumn 2020

We were stressed before the birth and to get everything in place before the birth of our baby. Unconditionally, we tested this and it resulted in us getting an excellent tool to lower the stress level and relax. I can strongly recommend this if you want to get some tools for the upcoming birth (and otherwise too.. ;)

- Expectant father of child who was expected via caesarean section

Incredibly nice to get a moments relaxing massage where I could also be completely present in my body - and with our baby inside. Valuable time!

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