Childbirth preparation, prophylaxis and doula support

We at Din Gravidcoach know that both preparation for and support during childbirth can make a big difference to the experience of birth, to the relationship - and to parenthood.

Maybe you feel afraid of the birth, maybe you are well informed and know that preparation makes a difference. Whatever the reason, we are here to support you and get you ready for the birth of your baby.

Birth preparation can mean many different things. For someone, it is about downloading a pregnancy app, for another, buying a stroller and for a third, going to pregnancy yoga.

Do you feel the need to prepare, process previous birth experience or do you simply want to maximize the conditions for a positive birth experience? Din Gravidcoach offers individually adapted childbirth preparation where you can choose the form that suits you best. 


In the list below, we present an overview of all our services. To read more, click on to the respective page. You can book a free consultation where we make a plan for you together. 

Förlossningsförberedels där en doula visar partnern hur hen kan jobba med mottryck för att lindra förlossningssmärta.



Childbirth preparation as a gift is filled with care and fits nicely as

  birthday present, Christmas gift or for a baby shower! 

En man tränar på Föda utan rädslas verktyg med sin gravida partner under en kurs

Give Birth without Fear- childbirth preparation class

Gravid kvinna med partner får privat förlossningsförberedelse av erfaren gravidcoach

Private course Childbirth preparation

En erfaraen gravdidcoach hjälper ett par med praktiska förberedelser hur de kan hantera smärta och oro under en förlossning

Practical prophylaxis

En man ger sin gravida partner en massage och ökar på så vis oxytocinflödet

Massage workshop for couples

Gravid kvinna ligger på massagebänk och får gravidmassage

Pre-natal massage

Nyfödd bebis ammar lugnt vid bröstet

Breast feeding support

Din Gravidcoach erbjuder uthyrning av redskap som kan underlätta förlossningen. TENS, pilatesboll

Rental of tools

En doulal ger stöd till en kvinna som hanterar förlossningsvärkar



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Clients voices about childbirth preparation 

We are incredibly satisfied with the practical prophylaxis course and can warmly recommend Aniara. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and responsive, and we received many valuable tips for the upcoming birth.



The security of having a doula at the birth is worth its weight in gold! This is what healthcare neither has time for nor has the resources for. That the partner also gets to feel 100% involved in the birth, prepared and has the understanding of how important he is makes a big difference, of course there will be a stronger team feeling for what lies ahead...

- Elin