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Want to celebrate your friend's, daughter's or sister's upcoming baby? Do you want to do it in a way that not only creates a memory for life, but can also create a better experience of pregnancy, birth and the start of parenthood?

Baby shower with an element of childbirth preparation

Din Gravidcoach's baby shower offer is different from many others. We offer different packages depending on whether you want to give the pregnant woman an experience together with other women or if you want to give something that gives the pregnant woman and her partner an experience. All packages contain birth preparation elements that strengthen the conditions for a safe and positive birth experience. 

Activities and gifts for baby showers

Below we have divided our offers into gifts and activities. Under these themes are offers that give the pregnant woman/new mother a memory, either with you who organize the baby shower, or with her partner. 


If one of the packages below is not exactly what you want, contact us and we can make something that meets your wishes. If you wish to let the pregnant woman/new mother choose her gift herself, we will arrange a beautifulgift cards and send by post to specifyn address.


Gifts for the pregnant woman or new mother

Nyfödd bebis

Post partum


Massage course

Practical prophylaxis

Post partum massage

& debrief

The mothern gets an hour of relaxation massage in her own hom, or in our premises, together with baby if desired.


After the massage, a debrief about the birth experience is held where she gets the opportunity to talk through the birth experience 45-minutes with an experienced doula. 


Home: SEK 2,500

Our premises: SEK 1,800

Massage course for couples



De the expectant parents receive the gifMassage course for couples, a very appreciated 2h-course, which is held in their home or in our premises on a time that suits them. 


Home: SEK 2,500

Our premises: SEK 1,800

Practical prophylaxis course

The expectant parents receive the gift Practical prophylaxis course, a 3h-childbirth preparation course focusing on practical tools, held in their home or our premises at a time that suits them. 


Home: SEK 3,200

Our premises: SEK 2,800

Baby shower: Activities

Pregnancy massage

Doula home visit



& Pregnancy massage


Workshop 45 minutes for the group where one of our doulas from Din Gravidcoach lectures about the impact of oxytocin and massage during both birth and other stages of life. The workshop includes an exercise  where you can put the knowledge into practice.

The pregnant woman then receives a one-hour pregnancy massage in a separate room while you who organize the baby shower spend time with each other, take a moment to relax or prepare for the next step.


SEK 2,500

Visiting doula



A two-hour visit where one of our doulas in Din Gravidcoach lectures about feelings of safety, what impact it has during birth and how to optimize it in connection with childbirth. Here you get the opportunity to share your experiences or thoughts about safety in a way that strengthens your community and gives the pregnant woman a good preparation.  


This package also includes the book "Childbirth- Become an involved partner" (Swedish) written by our founder Anna Tallwe as a way to also give the partner increased feelings of safety.


SEK 2,500

Mother blessing



Ceremonies surrounding motherhood have existed in all times and cultures of the world. Motherblessing as a ceremony has received a boost in Sweden, something that shows a need to feel fellowship and celebrate life. We hear about this, among other things, from influencers such as Opokua and Asabea Britton and Carolina Gynnig. Motherblessing is a ceremony to honor the pregnant woman and welcome the baby into the world.


The purpose of a Motherblessing is also for the pregnant woman to have a moment where she gets to feel the amazing thing she is doing by carrying and creating a child in her body. Read more below:

Motherblessing babyshower
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