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Post Partum

We know that the start with the new family member affects the future life. Your Gravidcoach therefore offers postpartum support to you/you who are new parents. The support is individually adapted and is there to make life easier for you.

During your pregnancy, it is easy to focus on the upcoming birth and not so much on what  will happen thereafter. In the timespan right after the birth of your new baby, a lot of things  can change which might overturn your life in various different ways. You are to get to know  a completely new individual, you are to become a parent for the first time or to become a  parent once again. The family constellation might change, the sleep schedule might be  turned upside down, breast- or bottle-feeding ought to work and your relationship with your  partner might take a completely new shape. In many countries, newly made parents are  offered support from their governments on how to handle the bringing of a baby into their  homes but unfortunately, Sweden is not one of them. Therefore, we want to offer you that  support instead.  

The support is adapted to you specifically in order to make your new reality a little bit easier.  Whether it is about breast- and/or bottle-feeding, caring for the baby’s needs, relaxing the  mom with massage, processing thoughts about the past or the future, bouncing ideas about  parenthood, receive guidance in EC/baby potting or using a baby sling. We can also help  you with practical relief in your home or watch your baby to give you some moments of  alone time. 

It is possible to book postpartum support any time during your pregnancy and if you after  your birth feel like you are no longer in need of it you can cancel the booking. 

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The price is SEK 750/hour when booking a minimum duration of four hours.

Prices apply in Skåne/Södra Halland. Delivery costs may apply. Contact us for more information.

We offer a discount when booking many hours.

The time after birth


Why post partum support?

  • Opportunity to talk through the birth and current life situation. 

  • Continuous emotional support on site and via telephone / video link

  • Breastfeeding support or support in sensitive bottle feeding

  • Baby care for a while so that you as parents can catch up on sleep or relationship time

  • Practical tips such as baby care, baby wrap and baby potty

  • Relaxing massage for the mother

  • Practical chores such as shopping, cleaning, cooking etc.

Follow-up call

Follow-up is available for those who do not want extended postpartum support but feel the need to talk through the birth experience. In such a conversation, you can also talk about attachment, breastfeeding or sensitive bottle feeding, routines, the parental role and go through any questions or other things you need.

A childbirth experience can affect us in different ways, not least from the perspective you hold as a mother or partner. An appointment can be booked individually by you who were born, you who were the support person and co-parent, or by you together as a couple. 



SEK 1,200 / hour

Location: In your home (Skåne / Halland). Cost for driving may be added. Contact us for more information.


You can also book online calls. We then meet via Zoom with price  900 SEK / hour.