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Counselling surrounding anxiety and fear of childbirth

Fear of childbirth

Maybe you carry onworry or fear in connection with pregnancy, or do you have onedifficult experience from previous childbirth? We are here to listen and create understanding for you to be ready to face a new pregnancy and childbirth with a calmness. You or you as a couple decide the content of the conversation. Examples of conversation topics that may be relevant: 

  • Anxiety before childbirth, help understand the anxiety and what you can do to manage it

  • Informative support regarding hospital routines

  • Strategies for making conscious informed choices in connection with birth

  • Talk through andprocess a previous childbirth experience.

  • Help in formulating a birth plan and writing onebirth certificate 


Samtalets längd beror på ert behov, men nånstans mellan 1 och 2 timmar brukar vara lagom. Du avgör om det sker i hemmet eller om möts online via Zoom.

Cost : SEK 2,400 

Location : In your home (Skåne/south of Halland) or online via Zoom.

For those of you who live further away, an extra fee will be added for car travel. Contact us for more information.

Do you have a fitness allowance?

Prophylaxis courses are deductible.

Thank you so much for last Thursday. It was a huge relief to be able to tell my story to someone who would just listen, without trying to explain away what happened. In recent weeks, I´ve had a little problem with my stomach being tense from time to time and feeling hard and uncomfortable, but it has now almost disappeared... Imagine that it affected me so much physically. 

- Gina, mother of two who had a difficult experience with her first birth.

"Received a very good reception and was able to quickly have an open and good discussion. Malin asked the right questions for us to move forward in our process and even if it was difficult, it was good for us."

- Britt, mother of twins to be

There is so much I understand after just two conversations, about myself and about giving birth that no one made me understand before. I was stressed in the middle of my career and that I was going to give birth added to the stress and created a lot of anxiety. I just wanted to be in control and thought that the only way for me to get through this is through a c-section. And I really did not want that either. I think this will help me on so many levels in life and that I can start breathing again :) Thankful for finding you.


- Nicole, pregnant with first child

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