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A doula works to reduce fear and instill courage and strength so that you feel safe and strong before the birth of your child. With a doula by your side, the conditions for a positive birth experience are optimized. 

Why a doula?

Feeling supported during childbirth provides peace and safety, which in turn increases the possibility of a positive experience. We know that a positive birth experience strengthens your self-esteem, your relationship and contributes to a good start to parenthood. 


In todays maternity care, you are offered a high level of medical security. It is a challenge for the staff on site to also provide emotional safety, as there is a high workload and a lack of relationship-based care. Our mission as doulas is to help you navigate the birthing process, provide continuous support and be the person in the room who focuses on your well-being. We assist with information, such as what you can expect at the hospital, remind you of your options and guide you in comfort measure strategies. We continuously monitor how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally throughout the birth.


We have a lot of experience and carry many tips and tricks -but the important thing is not what we do but how we make you feel

Doula som ger stöd åt en födande kvinna

Doula duo: Safety and sustainability

Safety and sustainability are two important components of Din Gravidcoachs work.

This means that when you hire Din Gravidcoach, you get not just one, but two doulas at your disposal. We call the concept Doula duo. You get to know your Doula-duo during prenatal talks and then it is the doula who is on call who is present at the birth. So you get two experienced doulas for the price of one - in this way we create both security and sustainability!

With two doulas in the team, the conditions are optimized so that you always have a safe, strong and well rested doula by your side. Together we are even better and with you parents-to-be, we are convinced that we will become an unbeatable team!

“We felt pretty confident right away after talking to you. You both felt experienced and down to earth, which feels great! So we would love to have you as a doulas with us on this trip! Feels exciting! ”

-Doula client June 2022

​Doula package​: Doula-duo
- two doulas for the price of one

Price: SEK 15,900

Two prenatal meetings in your home during pregnancy.

Follow-up visist at your home 1-2 weeks after the birth. 

Advice and support via email and telephone during the entire assignment period.

All extra costs for the doula, such as mileage compensation and parking fees.

On call two weeks before the expected birth until the baby is born.

Förlossning- bli en delaktig partner - preparatory book written by Anna Tallwe (in Swedish)

Advice, encouragement and guidance via phone or video call during the early phase of labour.

Physical presence and support during the active phase of childbirth. 

Advantageous discounts on all our other services, including a 50% discount on one of our planned group courses in Birth without Fear

You can find your Gravidcoachs services here 

How does one go about hiring a doula?


Contact us for a consultation, which is an initial free meeting of about 30 minutes via Zoom. 

We tell you how we work and what is usually included in a doula assignment and you get the opportunity to ask all your questions. 


You take a couple of days to think about whether you want to hire us. It's a big decision and it should feel right.


Feel free to read what other parents have experienced with our doula support on our page withGoogle reviews.


If you want to hire us, we will write a contract and make a plan for when the two preparatory meetings should be booked. 

We are available by email and phone throughout the assignment period. 

We take assignments in Skåne, southern Halland and southern Småland and support births at home and at hospitals in Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Ystad, Kristianstad, Varberg and Växjö.

Book a consultation

How did you hear about Din Gravidcoach?

What does doula mean?

  • doula is a support person for both you who are pregnant and for you who are a partner and/or expectant father or mother.


  • doula uses her calmness, her presence and all the knowledge that exists around childbirth.


  • doula works to reduce fear and instill courage and strength so that you feel safe and strong before the birth of your child.


  • doula has no medical responsibility and does not give medical advice, but is an expert in being a support and a bridge between the expectant parents and maternity care.


A doula gives you the opportunity to process worries and fears before the birth or heal a previously difficult birth experience. You get concrete tools to handle the birth. When the partner / support person receives tools, he or she can support in the best way. Having practical support during childbirth provides peace and security during childbirth, which in turn increases the possibility of a positive experience of childbirth. A secure partner / support person who feels involved through the birth strengthens the relationship. Postpartum support gives you the opportunity to connect the birth experience.  

The effect of a supportive doula has been measured in several international scientific studies  and shows very good results. But a doula reduces the number of cesarean sections and the length of labor. The need for medical pain relief decreases, as does the need for back anesthesia. The studies also show that parents who have had doula support are more involved in the birth and feel more satisfied with their experience (The Doula Book ”, MH Klaus, JH Kennell & PH Klaus, 2003)​​

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