Practical prophylaxis course

Taking a prophylaxis course is one of many ways to prepare for childbirth. By taking a prophylaxis course, you increase feelings of safety and positive control before the birth. 

Din Gravidcoach's practical prophylaxis course is a course based on many years of experience of what actually makes a difference to the experience of childbirth.


What is unique about this course is that we transform the theoretical basis into personal and relevant tools and strategies for you.


Din Gravidcoach's practical prophylaxis course gives you increased knowledge and understanding of the process and tools for how you can manage the birth together - which strengthens you as a team.

Privat profylax med Din Gravidcoach erbjuds i ert hem och gör er mer förberedda på förlossningen

During the course, you gain both theoretical and practical knowledge about childbirth and how you increase the conditions for a positive birth experience 

Course content

Theoretical knowledge about how you can prepare and navigate both the destruction and the healthcare:

  • The different phases of childbirth, and what different needs may arise during these.

  • Information about what you can expect at the hospital and normal hospital routines

  • Strategies for making conscious informed choices in the context of birth

  • Help in formulating a birth plan and a birth letter​

  • Plan for early phane (latensfasen)

You also get practical tips and tools for relaxation and pain relief, such as:

  • Massage, counter pressure and acupressure

  • Relaxation and breathing

  • Review of TENS machine

  • Affirmations, goal images and visualization

  • Birth positions

  • Tips on how you can use your home during the latency phase

  • Shawl technique

  • Spinning Babies basic exercises​

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The benefits are many; you who are pregnant get to test how different techniques and exercises can feel, partners get solid training and tools that can make a difference for the mother and you strengthen the feeling of being a team.

Cost : SEK 3,200 

Location : In your home (Skåne/south of Halland) 

Contact us for a special prize if you live far away or want to take the course with some friends

Do you have a fitness allowance?

Prophylaxis courses are deductible.