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Practical prophylaxis course

Taking a prophylaxis course is one of many ways to
prepare for childbirth. By taking a practical prophylaxis course, you increase feelings of safety and positive control before birth. 

Practical prophylaxis course

Din Gravidcoach's practical prophylaxis course is a course based on many years of experience of what actually makes a difference to the experience of childbirth.


What is unique about this course is that we transform the theoretical basis into personal and relevant tools and strategies for you.


Din Gravidcoach's practical prophylaxis course gives you increased knowledge and understanding of the process and tools for how you can manage the birth together - which strengthens you as a team.

Privat profylax med Din Gravidcoach gör er mer förberedda på förlossningen
Förlossningspositioner, pofylaxkurs med doulan Aniara Jönsson-Lagergren

During the course, you gain both theoretical and practical knowledge about childbirth and how you increase the conditions for a positive birth experience 

This is included in the Practical Prophylaxis Course

Theoretical knowledge about how you can prepare and navigate both the destruction and the healthcare:

  • The different phases of childbirth, and what different needs may arise during these.

  • Information about what you can expect at the hospital and normal hospital routines

  • Strategies for making conscious informed choices in the context of birth

  • Help in formulating a birth plan and a birth letter​

  • Plan for early phane (latensfasen)

You also get practical tips and tools for relaxation and pain relief, such as:

  • Massage, counter pressure and acupressure

  • Relaxation and breathing

  • Review of TENS machine

  • Affirmations, goal images and visualization

  • Birth positions

  • Tips on how you can use your home during the latency phase

  • Shawl technique

  • Spinning Babies basic exercises​


Du vet väl om att ni som blivande föräldrar har rätt att vara lediga från arbetet för att delta i föräldrautbildning?

Book Practical prophylaxis course

When you book a Practical prophylaxis course, you can choose between a course in your own home* or in our premises in Ängelholm or Röstånga. You book your place by clicking on "book" below or emailing When the booking has been received, you will get a confirmation email and course material sent to you.


Practical prophylaxis course in your home (3 h): SEK 3200

Practical prophylaxis course Ängelholm/Röstånga (3 h): SEK 2800

If you are more than a couple who book together, you receive a 20% discount on private courses.

*Skåne/southern Halland. Contact us for a cost estimate if you do not live within the specified area.

Praktisk profylaxkurs
Prakitsk profylaxkurs
Spinning babies, en av grundövrningarna

During the course, you get to test how different techniques and exercises feel, partners get hands-on training and tools that can make a difference for the birthing person, and you strengthen the feeling of being a team.

What was so rewarding about taking a practical prophylaxis course was that we got to see how we could use our own home when labor starts. It felt exciting and reassuring to imagine with these new "glasses" how we take the pains in the shower, the sofa and the kitchen. I looked forward to birth in a whole new way after this course!

- Rebirth autumn 2022

We never thought a latency phase plan would make such a big difference. My wife was in labor for two nights before it was time to go in - and it was very nice to have a plan for this time! 

Thanks for a great course!

- New father winter 2022

We liked that the course was so hands-on; that my partner had to practice giving massages and other things you can do to make me relax and relieve pain. I had read many books about childbirth before the course, and felt that this was exactly what was needed to feel confident before our big day.

- Expectant parents in 2023

My husband and I have attended both Birth without fear and practical prophylaxis with Your Pregnancy Coach. The courses were great and complemented each other. We felt after Feed without fear how important it was with practical exercises and we really got more of this product during practical prophylaxis. A big plus that it was in our home environment!


- Expectant mother in spring 2023

What is the difference between Birth without fear and Practical prophylaxis course?

What is the difference between our two childbirth preparation courses? Birth without fear (BWF) is a well-established method that offers knowledge about the physiology of birth and provides strategies for how you can together face and manage the labor contractions during childbirth using the four tools of breathing, relaxation, voice and thought. Within BWF, the practical part is decisive for the value of the course - it is when you train together that the best of preparations is created!

Practical prophylaxis (PP) is a private course that can be seen as both an in-depth study and a supplement to BWF, where you gain expanded knowledge about how, based on your individual thoughts, needs and conditions, you can optimally prepare for birth. The focus is on finding out what works for you, exploring how you can use your own home during the latency phase, guidance in formulating a birth letter, discussing birth positions, testing tools such as TENS machine and Rebozo shawl, practicing massage and other pain relief techniques etc. 

You can choose to take the courses separately or to take a combo course where you get to take part in the core of both courses with emphasis on your personal preferences. The combo course is four hours and costs SEK 3,200 in your home or SEK 2,800 in our premises in Röstånga. You can use your fitness-allowance for all of our prophylaxis courses.


Do you have a fitness allowance?

Prophylaxis courses are deductible.

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